Ross Morton has spent 40 years in the life reinsurance world and throughout that time has played a very visible role in the life insurance industry in Canada and the world. Ross has made the transition from executive of major international companies to independent advisor very easily. His services, best described as mentor, advisor and reassurer, are now available globally to companies, governments or individuals wanting assistance with a variety of specific tasks from the life broker producer to the most senior of executives in insurers.


Ross was awarded the LOMA Education Award at the 2005 LOMA conference in Orlando, Florida. He is the 22nd winner of the award that “was created more than 20 years ago and recognizes outstanding contributions to LOMA’s professional education programs. It is the highest honour LOMA can bestow on an individual in the insurance and financial services industry.” Ross remains very committed to the educational opportunities through LOMA and through his own teachings.

Expert Opinion

Ross Morton has provided expert opinion on many a difficult insurance case that is before the courts or is in the many stages of litigation.

Spoken Word Appearances

For years the unique style of opinionated and straight to the point writing has garnered continued exposure as a writer and speaker in over 38 countries.

Insurance Industry Consulting

Since the very first assignment in 1972 Ross has contributed advice, design, and implementation strategy and tactics to companies around the world.

Risk Management and

Operational Reviews

Since an opportunity first arose in 1985 to review the operations of a major company, Ross has been the leader of teams used to assess a company’s practices in relation to the best in the world.

  • Ross Morton is unique. In the 20+ years I have known him, he has shown unassailable integrity, tremendous depth in his field,  the ability to stand apart from the crowd when the facts support that decision , and a willingness to share with people to help them grow and become better stewards of the industry. Just knowing him makes me a better person and  a better practitioner.–Julian N. Wise, TEP

  • Having engaged Ross, over the past couple of years, to speak to advisors accorss Canada, I can honestly say he conveys his wealth of knowledge, on underwriting, in an open and understandable way to them. Ross is very forthcoming in his advise to advisors to help them get their cases more easily through the underwriting process. Ross is a must see for all advisors.–Tom Belanger, Foresters

  • I wanted to take a moment to thank [Ross] again for being here in Montreal! You have, as always, a contagious energy which is truly an honour to be near!!–Shelly Copoloff, Copoloff Insurance Agencies Inc.