Again, Does It Make Sense?

Since Ross first edited and wrote for Life Office Management Association publications and then the historic Canadian Journal of Life Insurance, his unique style of opinionated and straight to the point writing has garnered continued exposure in 38 countries. The topics ranged through management, reinsurance, underwriting, technology and general insurance insight. Each of his contributions took a unique view of the issue and formulated an article full of industry anecdotes and humorous meanderings. After numerous articles (and speeches), Ross has finally written his first book!

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From the Forward to the book:

“In 1973, the National Underwriter published a small red text, smaller than a paperback but far more poignant in its simplicity. “Does it Make Sense” by Charles A. Will was a tremendous success and in that string of four words, Charlie summarized the credo of life insurance underwriting. To some the question “Does it make sense?” even summarized the whole business of decision making applicable to almost any situation.”

“Time has passed and the small red book has endured if just for its title, “Does It Make Sense”. The staccato style of preaching a message outlasted the textbook. The title has been the foundation for senior experienced underwriters as they mentored the countless hundreds of risk selection leaders. The problem was time, which has made some of the examples Charlie used seem outdated. There grew a small group who advocated for a new text to again teach the younger underwriter and remind the older that, regardless of all the medical data and high tech assistance, we still must ask the question again, “Does it make sense?””

Again, Does It Make Sense? - Cover

“Who should read this book? Home-office underwriters, actuaries, marketing execs and every advisor filling out life insurance applications requiring financial underwriting. That goes, too, for all financial professionals who hold themselves out as knowledgeable about life insurance even if they don’t sell it themselves. College teachers, investment advisors, bankers – they need to know how financial underwriting really works. That, for sure, does make sense!”
— Steve Carlson, President, Marketing Options Inc., Canada

Well written, excellent. I liked the style, read easy, especially once into the case studies…
— Dave Wheeler, VP Underwriting, RGA RE, USA

Ross visits the obvious, the not so obvious and absolutely ridiculous that make Underwriters’ lives pure hell!
— Dan Bodanis, financial advisor and author of “Drumming Up Referrals”, Canada

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