Insurance Industry Reaction

“Who should read this book? Home-office underwriters, actuaries, marketing execs and every advisor filling out life insurance applications requiring financial underwriting. That goes, too, for all financial professionals who hold themselves out as knowledgeable about life insurance even if they don’t sell it themselves. College teachers, investment advisors, bankers – they need to know how financial underwriting really works. That, for sure, does make sense!”
— Steve Carlson, President, Marketing Options Inc., Canada

“Well written, excellent. I liked the style, read easy, especially once into the case studies…”
— Dave Wheeler, VP Underwriting, RGA RE, USA

“Ross visits the obvious, the not so obvious and absolutely ridiculous that make Underwriters’ lives pure hell!”
— Dan Bodanis, financial advisor and author of “Drumming Up Referrals”, Canada

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“… of the opinion that it lays the ground work for an underwriter that wants to understand the principles behind financial underwriting. It is written in a very practical manner and should be of great benefit to underwriters. Non underwriters [management and intermediaries] will certainly benefit from understanding what financial underwriting entails and what they could do to speed up their cases.”
— Jaco Louw, National Chief Underwriter, Sanlam Life Insurance Limited, South Africa

“Excellent! The benefit of 36 years experience condensed into 121 pages. This book covers all major aspects of the difficult topic of financial underwriting, in a fashion that is understandable and easy to read. The various case histories give practical examples, which will assist underwriters when confronted with actual risks. Would suggest ‘Again, Does it Make Sense?’ as compulsory reading for all underwriters (regardless of seniority), CEO’s, actuaries and even marketing heads.”
— Cliff Jooste, Manager Underwriting, RGA Re, India and South Africa

“… your book is excellent and enjoyable and a great way to educate, particularly the international underwriters, regarding financial underwriting. In today’s underwriting arena, where even the simplest of medical impairments needs to be customized in cookbook form, so the underwriters know what to do in all scenarios, it would be good to cover off the financial side of underwriting. Unlike the cookbooks of today, your book challenges the underwriters to think!!!! It is part of the “brain-dump” that I had asked you for several years ago…”
— Pat Bradley, Executive Director of Underwriting, International Division, RGA Re, USA

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“Ross has done a magnificent job in producing a text that allows underwriters, both old and new, to develop a better understanding of financial underwriting, while making it appear easy. Like Charlie Will, Ross has a way of writing that allows underwriters and non underwriters to learn the “whys” of financial underwriting without making it a chore. A must read for all underwriters regardless of tenure and for anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of why an underwriter must always ask, ‘Again, Does It Make Sense?'”
— Glenn Chudley, Vice President Living Benefits, Underwriting and Claims, Great West Life, Canada