Ross MortonRoss started his career as a management trainee in the property and casualty business but after three summers and 6 permanent months decided to opt for the world of life reinsurance. His employment history is comprised of large international companies and Canadian entities that needed his management, reinsurance, technology, marketing or risk selection skills.

Over the many years he has given advice or informative speeches and lectures in 42 countries to a diverse audience whose composition has been from producers to reinsurers, presidents to junior staff.

With 40 years of insurance industry experience, Ross has evolved into a recognized mentor, advisor and reassurer. From 1994 to 2009 Ross has been used on various assignments around the world by RGA.

His own company, since 2000, has acted as a confidential advisor to companies and organizations. He has provided advice or opinion to the Government of Canada regarding acquisitions, European, Canadian and Asia Pacific based executives on insurance operations, risk management reviews, and numerous expert opinions on claims and reinsurance matters to companies and lawyers.

In 2007 Ross joined three other senior insurance experts and formed LOGiQ3 Underwriting Solutions Inc. to provide the industry with much needed assistance in the areas of administration, risk management, underwriting and advisor training and other ancillary underwriting outsourcing solutions and direction.

In 2005 Ross was awarded the prestigious LOMA Education Award for his decades of contributions to insurance education around the globe. The second major event of 2005 was the publication of Ross’ first of three books. This first book is titled “Again, Does It Make Sense?” and is a reflection on why your insurance company will not issue all the insurance you may to buy.

Ross, in addition to the executive roles, has had major consulting roles with: one of the largest US companies for best practices, a very major Australian company, a fast growing and leading Hong Kong company, North American Life’s retrocession strategy in the world, Canada’s largest managing general agency, the RGA/IBM venture into technology (TAIMS) and with Sun Life’s initial office in China. Most recently Ross has lectured on risk management, especially risk selection, to the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing, the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business.

Ross Morton’s confidential consulting service specializing in reassurance and advice on industry issues, be they claims, underwriting, management, marketing or reinsurance. Acting as an arbitrator or mediator where he brings his broad scope into play has been rewarding for both insurers and reinsurers. His Canadian and International experience working with companies experiencing either rapid growth or rapid adjustment to competition makes for sound strategic advice. Confidential mentoring to or reassuring of senior executives in today’s marketplace are an examples of Ross’ activities.