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Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) AGM 2008

The miscommunication between actuary and underwriter ranks right up there with the disconnect stemming from communication screw ups between advisor and underwriter. This session with the counter point being supplied by a young actuary tried hard to explain that the two sides must talk. We tried to show why they must talk. We tried to show how previous decades of only mythical communication had hurt our industry. Why some actuaries appear to see communicating with underwriters as almost demeaning has never made sense to me. The reluctance of underwriters to stand up for their opinions and their value has become common place regrettably. The session had some fun to it but there was a message buried in the rhetoric. Did anyone leave thinking they would change they way they interact with the expertise within underwriting? I doubt it as they rushed to lunch and or the next session. I wonder if they rushed off to discuss the impending investment meltdown.

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