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Cooperators’ Agents – Red Deer 2008

I had the good fortune to be asked several times to present to the Cooperators agents/advisors in regional meetings. Each time I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the heart and soul of our business as represented by Cooperators distribution forces. They ask challenging questions and do not settle for casual answers. I was impressed at how eager they were to understand who is taking risk. Who sets the rules for underwriting? Why reinsurers are so dictatorial (a misconception perhaps fuelled by passive risk appraisers). The talk covered everything from “soup to nuts” (you can decide on who were the “nuts”). The passion and loyalty of the distribution teams matched the same passion and loyalty of their new business staff in Regina. Speaking to any part of Cooperators is always valuable to me and the company is one of the few in the world that has solidarity of purpose in all its disciplines. A favourite company for sure.

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