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ICIRM 2008

Curacao in May is not as great as Curacao in January for a Canuck! This risk management meeting had attendance over 100 and represented various disciplines within claims and underwriting, from leaders to adjudicators. I started my travels with Caribbean adventures as an M&G traveller spreading the gospel of underwriting and reinsurance from the Bahamas to Guyana. The opportunity to return to the region and bring them up to date on reinsurance was a highlight of the year. The world is changed so greatly and I tried to get this audience into an aggressive mood to take on the reinsurers who they felt were being inconsiderate of their current issues. Pushing back against the very people who buy you meals, take you golfing, buy your sports tickets and in general just stroke your soft spot is not easy. IF insurers, especially underwriters do not push back they will be steam rolled (do we even have steam rollers these days?).

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